Empower Network Scam- Unbiased Empower Network Review

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In this Empower Network review I'm going to go over what Empower Network is, if Empower Network is a scam and who the system is and isn't for.

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is an online business opportunity. Some people call it an MLM, Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. In my opinion it's a mixture of all three. 

Empower is a affiliate program and even their two owners David Woods & David Sharpe are affiliates of their own company.

Empower Network offers online training to start a home based business regardless if you promote their company or use the training to promote another company or product. 

The affiliate program pays 100% commissions and has multiple products to promote that will allow it's members to create a full time income online.

What does it cost to start?

-The basic membership costs $25 a month and comes with the Empower blogging system.

-If you want to be an affiliate it costs $19.95 to resell the program or you can simply use the blog to promote any business you desire.

-If you want to build an email list(I suggest you do) you need to sign up to an auto responder service like Aweber or Pure Leverage.

Empower Network Products

Empower Fast Start Training- $25 monthly

The fast start training gives you access to the fast start training, lead capture pages, Monday night Empower Hour call, core checklist and the blogging system. 

You have to purchase this product in order to have access to the system regardless if you decide to promote the products as an affiliate.

If you decide to become an affiliate it's $19.95 and you can resell the product.

The Inner Circle- $100 monthly

The inner circle membership is a full library of audios from the leaders and highest earners in the company. They share things like what it takes to run an online business, what they did in order to reach success and tips on what to do in your business to get the best results.

You can resell this product if you own it to make 100% recurring commissions just like the $25 blogging platform.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive- $500(one time payment)

The Costa Rica training is an advance training filmed at David Woods Home in Costa Rica. 

These are some of the webinar trainings you will receive:

- Network marketing sex appeal
- Nobody wants to sell chocolate
- Positive framing to convert more sales
- Speak your prospects language
- What is attraction marketing?
- Create money out of thin air
- How to sell to everyone in every way
- Creating a lasting team culture
- SEO- Get your stuff to rank, fast
- How to create a compelling story
- The birth of Empower Network

This trainings main focus is to teach you how to make more sales by positioning yourself as an authority. 

This advance training has a price tag of $500 and once you own it you can resell it for 100% commissions.

The 15K Formula- $1000(one time payment)

The 15k formula is more technical based. It teaches you how to generate more leads for your business with both paid and free traffic. They also cover some more advance marketing methods you can apply in your business.

Here is some of the training you will get access to:

- Clarity for success
- Compelling content mastery
- Syndication strategies
- Selling through the power of video
- Seo jedi blog traffic
- The solo ad formula part 1
- The solo ad formula part 2
- Email marketing seduction
- 7 Figure email secrets
- The secrets to building and cultivating a fanatical multi million dollar team.
- Creating a powerful team gathering
- Getting unstuck
- Intimate money making secrets
- Profit pulling magazine ads
- How to create $2500 daily from only 2 1/2 hours of work
- compelling content
- Social syndication
- Syndication mastery
- SEO traffic mastery
- Paid traffic mastery
- Offline sales magic
- The leaders mindset
- Advance linkbuilding tactics

Masters Retreat- $3500(one time payment)

The Masters retreat is a very detailed training from the top earners in the company teaching you how to scale your business to $100k a month income stream.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Now that you know what the products are let me explain how everything works.

In order for you to make 100% commissions you must own the products you want to resell.

They allow you to collect 100% commissions and basically resell each product like it's your own, but if you don't own the product it will be passed up to your upline(the person you joined under).

Example: You own the basic membership, the inner circle and the Costa Rica intensive, but you don't own the last two products.

Now if someone comes in and joins you and signs up for all the products you will only get commissions on the products you personally own.

Is Empower Network A Scam?

Let me first say I am an affiliate for Empower and it's one of my main income streams, but I'm not biased. I will tell you that it's not for everyone and I don't brand myself to any company or product.

Let me explain why I think most people say this program is a scam or any other affiliate program out there.

Empower Network isn't a scam, but it does take work. With the economy being in an uproar many people are heading online hoping to create an income to replace their job.

The problem with the online industry is most people have unrealistic expectations and it's filled with people looking to take advantage of others.

Most people don't have the marketing skills to make the business work and in order to make Empower Network or any other company work you need to learn some basic skills first.

Empower Network will work for people willing to put in the work, invest in the products and actually study and apply them and take daily action in their business.

Most people buy products and do nothing with them.

I'm personally involved in a few different companies and promote a few individual products and I always see people calling each one of them a scam.

How To Succeed Online

If you want to succeed with Empower Network or any program these are some of the things you will need to do.

- Find a good program and learn it front to back
- Learn how to drive traffic
- Focus on building a targeted email list
- Focus on building relationships with your email list
- Take consistent action everyday in your business.

If you want to make Empower network work for you then you will need to learn some basic skills and develop the right mindset for it to work.

I'm personally a marketing junky and love learning. I love learning new skills, new traffic sources and I enjoy working on my business regardless if it's 2hrs or 15hrs a day. It's all the same to me. My business is my passion.

If you don't think you can apply yourself and push yourself to learn some new things and make a decision that you will succeed---This may not be for you.

This Is My Opinion of What You Need To DO

After building multiple businesses online and creating a $20,000 + month income stream this is what I've learned from failing and learning how to build a business online.

- Focusing on people first is crucial- When you focus on creating content and helping people solve problems or questions they're looking for then you will make more money.

Example: I could tell you to join Empower under me because I'm an affiliate, but the fact is I know it's not for everyone. I personally think there isn't a better platform out there for new and experienced marketers to succeed, but I also know if someone isn't willing to put in the work they won't succeed.

Focus on truly helping people and don't try to trick or dupe people into joining your business. When you're genuine and focus on helping people you will make more money because you're transparent. I've built my business on trust and helping others.

- Take more action than you do studying- Most people focus on studying what everyone is doing, but nothing happens until you focus on getting work done. 

If you want to make Empower Network a full time income source you need to get int he trenches and make things happen. Study a few methods from within the training and go out there and put it to work.

Pick your favorite methods and learn to master them.

Stick with one thing- Pick one company and one main traffic source and learn to master them. Once you start making money you can branch out and focus on other things.

Don't jump from one opportunity to another or you will never get ahead. Make the first company work and then you can add others.

- Build a list from day one- If you want to make money with Empower Network you need to build a list.

Let me repeat that, you need to build a list. I made the mistake early and didn't build my list fast enough. Focus on building as big of a targeted list as possible and you will make money even if you're horrible with marketing.

- Push yourself out of your comfort zone- Success is right outside your comfort zone. If you don't start getting uncomfortable and doing things you're scared to do, you will never succeed.

My fear was video, so I learned how to master it. Once I focused on getting good at video my business blew up. 

"Feel the fear and do it anyways"

- Have fun- The most important aspect is to have fun in your business- You will hit ruts, but no other business can pay you the kind of money that an internet business like Empower Network can. You have to learn the basics before you can make the big bucks. 

Empower Network Review- Will It Work For Me?

So the bottom line is Empower will work for you if you make the decision it will. In any company or affiliate program only a handful of people will succeed.

I've never seen so many people succeed as in Empower, but I think thats because of the training and leadership. Most companies don't push you hard enough to take action like they do.

With that being said if you don't make a real decision to succeed for yourself then you shouldn't even bother joining. 

When I joined Empower and bought all the products I did so because I made a commitment that I would make it work and I would go through all the training and put it into action.

Don't be the person who sits on the sidelines and watches others succeed. No matter what program you join make sure you make a real decision to succeed before joining anything.

Hopefully my Empower Network review helped you and you can see that I'm not biased because I'm an affiliate. Do whats best for you in the end, but if you want a program that works and gets results I don't think their is a better program.

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- A mentor who will kick you in the butt and really wants to see you succeed.

Once you sign up for $25 I will give you a call and we will map out a strategy thats unique for you to succeed.

Everyone is in a different situation and I think it's important that we create a strategy just for you to succeed. 

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Zach Crawford

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